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If there is a breakdown and you need help, call 88001018036. Check the website later while you're waiting for our tractor or mobile crew.

Mobile repair of trucks
MAN, DAF, VOLVO, Scania, MB, Iveco, Renault, USA Trucks, KAMAZ, MAZ, GAZ,
buses, trailers, special vechicles

Truck repairs with a visit. Truck towing. Tractor. Assistance in cargo delivery.
Urgent help in case of breakdowns on the road: mobile crews, towing, trailer delivery with our tractor unit.

Loading the mobile crew's equipment in the service minibus.

Replacing the hub bearing and rebuilding the trunnion on the track.

This is the kind of breakdown we fix directly on the road.

Towing the bus with our tractor on a rigid coupling with air supply.

We are here to help if your truck, tractor, bus or trailer breaks down on the road, in town or anywhere.
Our mobile crews are fully equipped and ready to carry out repairs outside the box, if possible of course, so that you can continue driving. The recovery truck will deliver your vehicle to our nearest workshop or to any other location if repairs cannot be carried out on site.
We will provide a tractor with an experienced driver if your cargo needs to be delivered urgently. We perform dismantling/assembly of large-size units (Engines, gearboxes, gears), with subsequent repair at our service stations, for equipment, which delivery to the service is difficult - combines, graders, heavy bulldozers, etc.

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